I'm Ahmed.

Your Product Designer. I accept the challange.

      A bit about me


      I’m a web designer. I love the web and appreciate simple and functional design. I believe that design is a communication tool that should be clear, meaningful and pleasing for everyone that use it.
      The journey started by design and slice PSD files “mockup”. For sometimes it was a hot job and fun. But I was hungry for more. I know I can do and learn more. I taught myself HTML and CSS, which was a huge thing. I was a wizard. It was so rewarding.
      Again, I was hungry for more. I wanted to know what happens to my front-end files. What is this back-end stuff?!
      That curiosity lead me to ASP.NET. I appreciated the eco-system that Visual Studio created for developers. It was ok and gets the job done. But I felt that work should be simpler, cheap to learn and implement. I knew work shouldn't be that crazy. I kept searching for better tools until I found Rails. And it was a game changer for me and the whole industry. It was and still a life saver. From that time, I got to know and love everything about 37signals and Rails. I become a fan.

    • WHAT I DO

      Rails gave me the power to be a one man product. Able to design ideas, covert them to HTML & CSS then work on them to the finished product. Some years ago, I set my sails to get real and be a Web Consultant. Design and develop websites. And consult on projects for better harmony and functionality. Doing so gave clients a peace of mind and confident in my abilities to deliver. I still have loyal clients for over 7 years.

      While I love my job, again, I’m always hungry for more challenges, expand my knowledge and learn new skills. I know I can learn and do more. I know I have the ability to be a strong asset to my peers, to the product I would work on and make my mark.


      On a weekly basis in the past 5 years, I ask myself; what really worries me personally? And my answer always, not having enough time to learn more. Accomplish more. Do more. There are so many thing to learn and so little time to do so.
      Beside enjoying my family time and doing my business, I found that I have to start somewhere and enjoy what I could do and I love, and I'm doing it, cooking, baking(specially sourdough), gardening, painting, learn new languages, such as French and Swedish, play Soccer, learn piano, teach cooking and baking for children and adult also teach coding for children. While it is an ok list, I’m still hungry for more.

      Take me to "Basecamp"


      You are my dream. You are my home, because you are the best. You are making marks everywhere. The design and development industries has changed for the best.

      The design community learned new philosophies and ideas. And you Shaped Up the whole process from idea to the finished product. Which influence wider audience for the best. The web is getting better because of you. And I want to be a part of your journey.


      Basecamp is a synonyms for productivity, creativity, and the best company for anyone to work at. You have Shaped Up many individuals mind and work for the best. You are opinionated. Pushing boundaries and making everyone uncomfortable because you believe in your ideas and philosophies.

      When I read the job post. I was and still super excited knowing that I’ll be part of your team. But right away I thought, why should I apply for this job? I know there are endless reasons not to try.
      Your profile and reputation makes it hard to believe I would join your team. Your philosophies, ideas and believes helped me to Rework mine and I learned to apply them Remotely.
      You are a calm company which is a wonderful foundation and environment for any creative person to thrive and succeed. Who wouldn’t crave such fascinating opportunity?
      I’m here loud and clear waving 👋🏼 that I do. Now here is the challenge, working on a well known and successful products used by millions of customers and fans is not an easy job. It is way harder than it sounds. It is the ultimate challenge for any creative person. It’s asking for an open mind, confident, experienced, opinionated and skilled all-in-one team member.


      Am I saying that? I’m the one for job! You know, this is not easy to say. It takes guts and courage to believe that I’m the one. Since I read about the job position 10 days ago, and I’m believing that I’m that manger of one. I fit for this position.
      I imagined and believed that I work at Basecamp with amazing and smart people that I deeply admire and respect. I saw my daily work and impact on Hey, Basecamp and other products.

      I know I’m ready to work and learn together. I’m here to make those products better, help customers and make my marks.

      I accept the challenge.